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I help travel & adventure companies grow their sales & customer base through story-forward, on-brand, no-BS copy & content writing.

Blood, Sweat, and Bad Copy

Growing a business under the tourism or rad experience umbrella is hard work without facing the local industry giants you’re competing with for bookings, sales, and website views.

Just when you’ve nearly perfected your products and services, you realize you haven’t been marketing effectively. And not enough people are buying them.

To get a leg up, stand upright, and ride the wave (or the slope) season to season, 

you’ve got to be seen

  and give people a reason to believe the experience you offer is worth their investment.

That's where bad copy can frustrate growth opportunities. 

And where good copy can make all the difference.

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Build Credibility

'Good Copy' can more or less be defined as writing that effectively encourages a specific action, like engaging in an online conversation, buying a ticket for a tour, a small group sailing lesson, a scenic helicopter ride – or signing up for a mailing list.

    Get Going

    To see your sales trends, website conversion rates, and engagement insights increase: 

    • build brand awareness and credibility
    • generate engaging and informative content
    • increase online visibility through google searches

    Writing Services

    Web Copy

    Want your website to get more foot traffic and generate more interest in your products, services, and mission? 

    I'll study your style and write content that showcases exactly what you offer & how it will benefit your customers.

    SEO Blogs

    Epic stories & valuable insights need a place to be shared. 

    I write SEO ghost blogs, guest blogs, and brand blogs to help welcome more traffic & establish industry cred.

    Email Newsletters

    Looking to sustain interest, develop relationships, and give your customers a reason to a reason to actually open & read your emails? 

    I'll give your readers a great ROI on scan time. You'll be easy to love & hard to forget.

    People Who Have Worked With Me Say:

    "I highly recommend Naomi at WTC. My consultation was insightful, and it's clear she has comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge about marketing small businesses. Her advice was immediately helpful."

    - Jeffrey James

    Owner | The Jeffrey James Show

    "Naomi is fun, professional, and incredibly diligent with her work. She is passionate about what she does and came through for us quickly!"

    Emily Dove 

    Owner | Mourning Dove Supply Co

    "I've worked with Naomi on lots of different creative marketing projects. She has a fast turnaround for copy and is really good at adapting to brand voice. I recommend her to businesses looking to elevate their content!"

    Amy Knudsen

    Owner | Professional Graphic Designer

    Let Me Introduce Myself!

    HI! Naomi Here.

    I am a copywriter, a dog lover, and a big fan of fresh juice. 

    For as much as I love a solo trip, I've learned that we can all go further with a little help and a lighter pack.

    I'm here to carry the words that fuel your venture - so you can cover more ground.

    (And by that, I mean make more money.)  

    (If you click the button, it brings you to my thorough 'about me' page)

    If this is your vibe, you are my people.

    What the Process Looks Like:

    1. Connect

    If you need help with your project(s), reach out.

    I am always happy to answer any questions you may have. A first-time consultation is free. 

    2.  Brief

    We'll sit down, over coffee, zoom, or an open fire, and do a creative brief together.

    I'll ask you a bunch of questions about the project, your customers, and your priorities.

    3. Write

    Then, I'll get to work, and hopefully, you'll get a solid hammock nap in (or get to put your energy somewhere else).

    Once I have a draft, I'll send it over for your edit suggestions.

    4. Party

    Lastly, I'll send the final copy over. I'll help increase sales and build trust with your customers.

    When it happens, we celebrate!

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