About Me


My name is Naomi.

I am a copywriter, a traveler, a dog lover, and a serious fresh-juice enthusiast. Amongst other things.

I work remotely full-time as a copywriter in the medical field, exploring different places whenever I can while keeping up with my rigors and routines. 

I earned my BA in English at the University of WI with a special focus on Creative Writing and a minor in International Studies.  I earned my Copywriting certificate from the Australian Writer's Centre, and am pursuing my MBA (wish me luck).

I started 'Word Travels Copy' to help travel & adventure businesses market what they offer with effective Copy & Content so they can grow their sales & customer base.

I choose to offer my marketing skills to these industries specifically because of my personal:

  • passion for travel & adventure
  • commitment to supporting smaller businesses 
  • ability to apply industry knowledge to effective writing
  • interest in hearing, exchanging, and sharing inspiring stories
  • whim & fancy

The digital landscape is a rough and rugged terrain these days. 

My goal is to provide one necessary resource to help navigate the way: compelling words that bring in customers. 

I am committed to providing quality, result-producing content while offering my sincere enthusiasm and support for what you're building. 

I look forward to learning more about what you do and how I can help! 

“What makes you happy is useful. Do it.”

Seth Godin