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Traveling to Tucson?

10 experiences you don’t want to miss!

On my first visit to Tucson, I stayed a month. I was very quickly impressed with the views, the food, and the endless opportunities for good hikes. Once I discovered how underrated it was, I knew I’d return to it time and time again — I have!

Here are 10 of my favorite Tucson Recommendations:
• Treat yourself to a scenic drive up Mount Lemmon

Tucson is really spread out. If you are flying in, I recommend renting a car (or motorcycle if that strikes your

5 Great Thai Restaurants to Try in St. Paul, MN

5 Great Thai Restaurants to Try in St. Paul, MN

I can remember reluctantly walking away from the Thai Sunday Market in St. Louis Park, MN one rainy summer weekend in 2021, still treating my tongue to the last remnant of peanut sauce from a spring roll on my upper lip, toying with the new string “blessing” a local Monk secured to my wrist. The memory was embedded with importance as the evening I decided that I would put in my notice at work, pack up a couple of suitcases, and get on a plane to S

7 Fun Ideas for a Week in Red Wing, MN

Located just an hour and a half south of St. Paul on back roads, or 45 minutes on the highway, the city of Red Wing, MN offers Twin Cities residents an easy and affordable getaway. It is close enough for an overnight and far enough for a whole weekend to feel a real change of pace. With the turn of the season already here, busy Midwesterners like myself may well enjoy looking toward a short trip “out of town,” before the colors turn and the last of the leaves fall.

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